Monday, March 14, 2011

It's the Beginning to a fabulous Life!

Hello Friends!

I have been wanting to update everyone for a while on all that is going on. I will start first with that Seth and I were engaged on July 4th, 2009. Sparks flew and love filled the air (litterally, fireworks were everywhere).

We watched Fireworks a little on the beach and then took a walk down the beach where he then popped the question and I of course said "Yes."

I began the Wedding Planning process and what better way than to try on possible dresses....
Here is a preview of what dresses I tried, but I can't give away the final decision until the Big Day!

Between working, planning a wedding and trying to live a normal enagement while being 3 hours apart we somehow managed to search for a place to live. Between searching off and on for not quite a year, and looking at all different houses in size, price and location we finally took a look through of a house in a subdivision where we had previously look and they had yet again dropped the price somemore (sad for them, but Yay for us!) Here is where the great deals begin for us...

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